Sleep Center Beds & Adjustable Beds for Sleep Labs, Sleep Clinics, Hospitals & Home.

Sleep Center Beds: Hospital Beds & Adjustable Beds designed & manufactured specifically for your facility.

The Sleep Center Series Adjustable Bed (available in 2, 3, or 5 function; and 600 lb and 750 lb capacity)

Twin, Full,& Queen Sizes!!

The Sleep Center Series Adjustable Bed (available in 2, 3, or 5 function; and 600 lb & 750 lb capacity)

At Sleep Center Beds we cater to what YOU need!
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We are the original manufacturing company for Sleep Lab, Sleep Clinic & Sleep Center Beds!

We have been providing Sleep Centers, Sleep Clinics, Sleep Labs & Hospitals, all over the country, with durable, quality and comfortable adjustable beds & and full electric hospital beds for over 16 years.

We know you have unique requirements. Your clients need the most relaxing, restful environment possible. Our electric adjustable beds are designed and engineered to enhance sleep disorder assessment procedures, sleep apnea and bariatric related sleep conditions. These beds also make the most comfortable and functional pregnancy bed / maternity bed on the market today.
  • We manufacture, sell, and service our own full electric beds, that feature:
    • The highest quality steel
    • Laser cut, CNC manufacturing process
    • Thermally protected motors
    • Locking casters
    • Tough Sleep Center bed decks
  • Every Sleep Lab Bed is manufactured in USA.
  • 6 electric adjustable bed models available, all customizable to your specific requirements.
  • Furniture quality styling – not the typical "institutional" hospital bed look.
  • Full width electric beds – no narrow hospital bed widths.
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